Welcome to my academic website Chi-Man Leong!


Hello! I am a young entomologist from Macao SAR (China), and I am now studying ant taxonomy in National Taiwan University.

First of all, I am interested in all the insects from Macau in  particular of ants since my childhood years. I am lucky to do what I love now. Why the ants are interesting for me? Because the ants very diversity with high morphological differences, in addition, they have extraordinary biomass in our planet . Therefore, the understanding the ant and their impact on the ecology system are what I want to study. Now, I have many specimens from Macau and Taiwan with several publications about them in these three years academic study.


Secondary, I grow up in Macau, this is one of the hugely urbanized region in the world. In 2015-2017, I and my mentorship, Dr. Benoit Guénard, had finished the ant checklist from Macau. On going study is how to develop ants as a tool to indicate the degree of urbanization. Moreover, the roles of ants in Macau can give our insight to solve the dilemma of urbanization development and biology conservation. What is the balance point? I would like to use ants to find the point.

Last but not least, I am studying the genus of Ponera in taxonomy and ecology from East Asia. This is my favor taxon among the ants, the taxonomic revision of Ponera from Japan and Taiwan is coming soon.


If you want to contact me, please Email Danny Chiman Leong at: chimanleo@gmail.com