Hello! Nice to meet you and let you know my story!


I’m Danny Chi-Man LEONG 梁 志 文 (birthed in Macao SAR).

I am now reaching my dream, Macao entomologist, little by little!


Originally from Macao, I completed my Bachelor and Master degrees in Entomology at the National Taiwan University (2013-2018). In the past four years, I have spent my free time to study the ant fauna of my hometown in the hope to understand its diversity. Ant species richness found in Macao was higher than previously thought despite the high level of urbanization and being one of the most densely populated region in the world. My first efforts have been rewarded through the publication of the first species checklist of Macanese ants and the description of Leptanilla macauensis; but much work remains to be done to fully grasp the richness of Macanese ants, understand their ecological roles, or the threat posed by introduced species.

Leptanilla macauensis

I am studying the impact of urbanization on ant communities across Asia and explore solutions to maintain the high diversity that characterize this part of the world. As urbanization diminishes biodiversity, it also reduces the appreciation that humans have of nature. I am thus committed to share scientific and entomological knowledge to raise children and adults awareness about nature.

If you want to contact me, please email: chimanleo@gmail.com